International Dublin Literary Award 2017

José Eduardo Agualusa was announced as the winner of the 2017 award for his book, A General Theory of Oblivion. 

The Quill popped along to the awards ceremony on Wednesday 21st June, which was held in The Round Room at the Mansion House. As one of the world’s most prestigious literary accolades, The International Dublin Literary Award breaks down cultural and  geographical barriers. This makes the world a smaller place and pins Dublin at the centre. The event’s host, Sharon Ní Bheoláin, reminded the local and international audience of Dublin’s rich literary history and the city’s outward looking approach to reading and creativity. The sense of connectedness that is at the heart of the award would not be possible without the support of libraries, who continue to enthuse and engage readers across the globe. The award was sponsored by Dublin City Council and attended by the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

In his acceptance speech, José Eduardo Agualusa, spoke of how “great literature allows us to see the humanity in others, even those foreign to us”. Literature fosters a shared human experience and prompts us to rethink out world. The International Dublin Literary Award encourages us as readers, writers and lovers of literature, to think beyond our current surroundings and what we could be, and where we could go, if we only dared to use our creativity and imagination.

By Niamh MacSweeney


Check out José Eduardo Agualusa’s full speech here

For more information on the Award including the shortlisted and long listed books, see The International Dublin Literary Award’s website.